Course on "efficient and integrated management of water losses in aqueduct networks"

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The course "The efficient and integrated management of water losses in aqueduct networks" organized by the Academy of Public Services of Utilitalia and held by Profs. Orazio Giustolisi, Daniele Laucelli and Luigi Berardi for IDEA-RT.
The topic of two days course was “Modern paradigms, approaches and tools for the planning and management of Aqueducts” ranging from advanced hydraulic modeling to distrct design, pressure control and optimal pipe rehabilitation plans”.
The course was held on-line with 27 attendees from the management companies AMA, AMAP, ACEA, AMIACQUE, AIMAG, AM Amerino-Narnese, Consac Gestioni Idriche, Girgenti Acque, HERA and VIVA Servizi.

Supporting district design, pressure control, hydraulic monitoring and pipe rehabilitation of Apulian water distribution networks

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Acquedotto Pugliese S.p.A. through the specialized IDEA-RT consultancy provided to the A.T.I. RTPS Puglia: Targeted interventions to achieve districtualization control of pressures and monitoring of flow hydraulic status (flow rates and pressure) and replacement of deteriorated pipes. Definitive and executive design of the water distribution networks of about 20 municipalities in Apulia region.

Advanced hydraulic modelling and reliability analysis of water distribution network of Trondheim (Norway)

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IDEA-RT provided specialized consultancy to SINTEF for the advanced hydraulic modelling and reliability analysis of water distribution system serving Trondheim (Norway) using WDNetXL Analysis and Management modules.
The network length is about 850 km and the hydraulic model is composed of 10,776 pipes and 9,521 nodes. It is a complex system being composed of 38 working pumps of which 10 are variable speed and 28 are controlled by tank levels. The pressure control is achieved using 119 pressure reduction valves also. The sources of water are 12 cylindrical tanks and 3 reservoirs.
Advanced hydraulic modelling allows pressure-driven analysis to simulate the actual water supplied to customers during pressure-deficiency scenarios.
The reliability analysis is performed using the extended period simulation over an operative cycle using WDNetXL Management module.
Notice that the system has 435 closed pipes/devices and WDNetXL topological features allows to perform a realistic analysis considering the actual hydraulic network topology excluding closed pipes and, possibly, disconnected nodes.
The reliability analysis allows to retrain the isolation valve system and to assess the criticality of the hydraulic system elements.

Modelling Private Tanks in Dubai Silicon Oasis Water Distribution Networks

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Dr. Rabee Rustum and Mr. Syed Rizvi from Herriot-Watt University, Dubai Campus, visited Politecnico di Bari and IDEA-RT to evaluate advanced hydraulic modelling of private tanks using WDNetXL-
The work is propaedeutic to reliability assessment and energy optimization (carbon footprint reduction) in Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority which is fostering smart city development through innovative strategies.



Lecture on leakage management using WDNetXL at NTNU in Trondheim (Norway)

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Invited lecture at the NTNU TVM4141 course on Infrastructure Asset Management, Institute of Water and Environment of NTNU in Trondheim (Norway), on Advanced hydraulic modelling and leakage management in water distribution networks with training on the use of WDNetXL system. The course is addressed to Master students of the 5th year in Civil Engineering.

The objective of the lecture is to broaden and deepen students' knowledge on the approaches of infrastructure asset management, introducing them to the WDNetXL system, which is conceived for analysis, planning and management of water distribution networks.

Teacher: Orazio Giustolisi, Luigi Berardi.