Assessment, implementation and demonstration of technologies for a new concept of management of drinking water supply systems are the motivations behind the InnoWatING project. 

The project will combine the traditional civil engineering approaches with the emerging monitoring, control and modeling solutions, towards a more flexible and knowledge-based urban water supply system management. The focus is on drinking water pipes: the integrity and reliability of buried drinking water mains is critical, as it influences water quality, losses, pressure and cost. The solutions proposed, and that is the object of R&D throughout the project, includes the “Intelligent water networks” (case study Oppegård): Information & Communication Technology (ICT) and Real Time Control (RTC) are combined with hydraulic modeling optimization in the WDNetXL platform to increase hydraulic efficiency of water distribution networks. The InnoWatING project will end in March 2016, while the phase of implementation of the model and the definition of optimal control strategies will finish by the end of 2015.