IDEA (Innovation, Decision, Environment, Awareness) Research Transfer is a spin-off company of Technical University of Bari created to transfer technology and innovative tools for analysis and decision support from research to complex systems in civil engineering in order to raise awareness of management decisions in terms of effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability.
The technology transfer paradigm of IDEA Research Transfer is based on developing advanced tools in a high-level programming environment and deploying them as simple functions in software environments familiar to technicians (e.g. Excel of Microsoft Office®). This permits to quickly develop, update, test and customize analysis and decision support tools to be used in specific applications in close cooperation with end users. This realizes a dynamic and real-time transfer of the scientific research to the technical field.
IDEA Research Transfer provides:
- Scientific and technical advice for the analysis and decision support in civil engineering through innovative tools developed by the company, also integrated with other systems
- Training of users in developing and using innovative tools by organizing workshops, webinars and conferences oriented to researchers’ training or professional training
- Customized solutions and training of professionals on advanced tools for data analysis and decision support systems in civil engineering



The WDNetXL is an integrated system for water distribution network (WDN) analysis, planning and management distributed as MS-Excel® add-ins. It integrates advanced and robust WDN hydraulic simulation with topological analysis and optimization strategies to support technicians for complex WDN analysis, design and management problems.


The WDNetXL system permits to realize just-in-time technology transfer from technical research to WDN management sector through a holistic platform, which is ready for possible extensions to the latest innovations, thus providing an upgradable support to match current and future technical needs. This also provides a practical tool for training of engineers ranging from university classes to continuing education at water companies. Its versatility also makes the system dynamic to implement customized solutions through a virtuous cycle between users, researchers and developers.

The WDNetXL system is open source meaning that, although the dlls are binary files, it is possible to use them beyond the templates provided in the original package and link them to GIS or other systems by means of standard programming languages connecting MS-Excel to external applications.

One key ingredient is the hydraulic simulation, which is pretty advanced, and if compared to EPANET2 in terms of robustness, hydraulic consistency and flexibility in analyzing many WDN elements like components of water demand, leakages, control devices, etc.




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